•      Thu Jun 20 2024

300,000 more people get access to drinking water this fiscal year

Tap Water (image)

Kathmandu, May 27: Minister for Finance Barsha Man Pun has said that the implementation of the National Water Supply and Sanitation Policy 2080 has helped increase access to basic drinking water in the country.

Unveiling the Economic Survey in today’s House of Representatives (HoR) meeting, Minister Pun said that access to basic drinking water reached 96.75 of the total population as of mid-March of 2024 adding that additional 302,000 people got safe drinking water in the current fiscal year.

As per the survey, as many as 17 drinking water projects were completed in different districts developed from the co-financing drinking water project, climate-resilient mega drinking water project, urban drinking water and sanitation project, and central drinking water project.

In the current fiscal year, 149,386 taps were installed including 34,000 in the Kathmandu Valley from the Drinking Water Supply Corporation.