•      Tue Feb 27 2024

321 victims of elephant attacks await compensations in Jhapa

Baniyani (Jhapa), Feb 9: As many as 321 families fallen victim to wild elephant attacks in Jhapa district as of October 10 of the current fiscal year are awaiting compensation from the government.

The wild elephants wreaked havoc on people and properties in various places over different period of time in the ongoing fiscal year 2023/24. The damages on properties and crops estimated to be over Rs 5.8 million has been sought by the local authority from the concerned ministry as compensation, said Division Forest Office, Jhapa’s Forest Officer Rishiram Parajuli.

The compensation amount include for the one deceased’s family, loss of cattle and crops, Forest Officer Parajuli shared. Process is ongoing to claim the compensation for the 194 victims’ families including four killed by wild elephant attacks since October 19 last year to till date, he said.

Apart from pain of losing their family member or bearing the loss on crops and properties, delays in receiving compensation have further added to the woe of the victims and their families, according to the staffers at the Division Forest Office. RSS