•      Sun Jul 21 2024

41 sluice gates of Saptakoshi opened

Saptakoshi River Barrage

Dharan (Sunsari), July 7: The water level of Saptakoshi river continues to rise with incessant rainfall for the past few days.

As of 6 am this morning, the water flow at the river was measured at 316,800 cusecs at Koshi Barrage.

According to the Saptakoshi Water Measurement center, 41 sluice gates of the Koshi barrage have been opened after the flow of water increased to warning levels.

As the water level at the Saptakoshi hydromeasuring center has crossed the alert level and is still rising, the center has requested the residents of living near the Saptakoshi river banks to stay alert and safe. RSS #Nepal

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