•      Fri Jun 14 2024

45 percent people of Koshi Province have access to insurance

Nepal Rastra Bank (file photo)

Kathmandu, June 11: It has been found that 45.16% of the population in Koshi province has access to health insurance. This information is mentioned in the economic and financial situation report of Koshi province released by Nepal Rastra Bank on Monday.

Similarly, currently the number of branches of banks and financial institutions across the country is 11,594, but only 16.06 percent i.e. 1,862 branches are in Koshi province.

7.13% of the total deposits in banks and financial institutions i.e. 441 billion rupees are in Koshi province. Likewise, 11.26% of the total loan, i.e. 572 billion rupees, has been extended in Koshi province. According to the National Bank, loans equal to 6187 billion rupees and loans equal to 5084 billion rupees have been expanded from the entire banking system.

Twenty-two thousand people have taken subsidized loans in this province. In which concessional loans worth Rs 34 billion have been approved. 12,863 women entrepreneurship loans and 8,922 commercial agriculture and livestock loans are the most.

In this province, which has a total area of ​​about seven lakh 79 thousand hectares of arable land, only seven lakh hectares of land is cultivated, while the total irrigated area is about three lakh hectares.

In the current financial year 2080/81, the gross domestic product of Koshi Province is estimated to be Rs.9 kharba and the economic growth rate is estimated at 3.51 percent. The per capita gross domestic product of Koshi province is equal to 1336 US dollars. Likewise, the poverty rate is 17.19% and multidimensional poverty is 15%. In the total foreign trade of the country, the import share of Koshi Province is 14.44% and the export share is 39.06%.