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6th Daughter Conference concludes with 17-point Karnali Declaration

Surkhet, Feb 13: The 6th National Daughters’ Conference has concluded in Birendranagar of Surkhet today with a 17-point Karnali Declaration.

The conference that kicked off since February 10 was organized by the Avasha National Campaign Nepal and the Mainstream Women Service Centre, Udayapur.

The conference that brought together daughters and women rights activities from all over the country drew attention of the three-tier governments to eliminate all kinds of ill traditions and practices relating to daughters and women.

Coordinator of the Campaign, Najbul Khan, shared that the conference was organized in Karnali Province as a part of the campaign to establish the major objective of ensuring women’s inclusion in all strata of society and in state organs for achieving equality, inclusiveness and human rights.

The campaign was initiated from Koshi Province since 2075 BS and has been extended nation-wide to advance the gender equality cause, the organizers said.

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Coordinator Khan said, “Such campaigns help pile pressure on the stakeholders to end violence and exploitation against and girls and women and ensure meaningful participation of women in decision-making levels.

Ill traditions, practices and customs such as domestic violence, feticide, rape, child marriage, witchcraft, Chaupadi custom and Deuki practice among others still prevail in Karnali Province.

Against this backdrop, the conference, through declaration, demanded for significant and massive participation of women in learning new skills, arts and technical education to make themselves independent.

Stating that although issue of women rights has long been in debate in Nepal, the political parties in Nepal have failed to ensure women’s participation in all important state apparatus, the conference concluded.

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Similarly, the declaration called for launching research and study into those stunted ones in the Karnali Province and pledged to coordinate efforts with the provincial and local government to launch special programmes related to food and nutrition security to address the problems relating to stunting.

The campaign also reaffirmed its commitment to collaborate with the local government to increase effectiveness and ensure continuation of programmes and campaigns for women’s empowerment including the ‘Savings Account for Daughter, Security for lifetime’, and ‘Daughter and Daughter-in-law Scholarship Programme’ among others, said coordinator Khan.

The declaration also drew the attention of the government to expedite the resettlement operation of survivors of Jajarkot earthquake and provide security to the vulnerable ones. #Nepal

Photo: Najbul Khan facebook