•      Thu Jun 20 2024

American senator Chris Van Hollen to visit Nepal

Madhukar Adhikari

Washington DC, Aug 26: Senator Chris Van Hollen, a member of the US Senate Foreign Affairs and Appropriations Sub-Committee on State and Foreign Operations, is to visit Nepal. He is scheduled to reach Kathmandu in the first week of September.

During his visit to Nepal, Hollen will meet with government officials, youth leaders, parliamentarians, representatives of civil society, representatives of non-profit organizations and businesspersons, according to the information provided by Senator Hollen’s secretariat.

His official visit also involves visit to Sri Lanka and the Maldives. As the Co-Chair and cofounder of the bipartisan Foreign Service Caucus, the Senator looks forward to thanking the men and women of the Foreign Service and all Americans serving abroad for their service to our country. Throughout his travel, the Senator will visit a wide array of US-supported projects and locations of cultural significance.

The goal of the visit is to strengthen the bonds between the United States and each of these countries, including through enhanced security cooperation, deepening economic ties, combating climate change, and advancing democracy and human rights, adds the Secretariat.

In visiting Nepal, the Senator will connect with government officials, youth leaders, parliamentarians, and entrepreneurs to further strengthen political and commercial ties between the US and Nepal. He will also highlight US support for the people of Nepal, including through vital investments into the country’s health sector and power and transportation infrastructure.

Senator Hollen, representing Maryland in the US Senate, is an influential senator of the Democratic Party. In 2021, in coordination with the office of Maryland State Delegate Dr Harry Bhandari, Hollen held a virtual discussion with the youth leaders of Nepal.

The senator has also played important role in various programs related to providing medical supplies including vaccines from the US to Nepal during the corona pandemic. He had also prepared a bill for permanent residence for Nepalis in America through Temporary Protected Status (TPS). RSS