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Artistes’ creations spread nat’l identity: President Paudel

Kathmandu, Feb 5: President Ram Chandra Paudel has asserted that Nepal’s rural life and originality should be developed, expanded and preserved in Nepali music.

The President said so while addressing the Natikaji National Music Honour and Prize Distribution ceremony organized by Natikaji Memorial Society at the Office of President, Sheetal Niwas, in Kathmandu today.

President Paudel expressed that Nepali music boasts of a wide array of musical instruments of various indigenous communities, original and specific tune, own context of music, and the Nepali national music was developed on its foundation.

“Creations of artistes are national heritages, cultures are national identity and artistes are precious treasures,” observed the President, adding, “Artistes are catalyst for creation and culture. The creations of artistes establish identity of any nation.”

Stating that the geographical diversity and cultural uniqueness of Nepal stood as its distinct identity in the world, he viewed that Nepal’s diverse ethnicities, languages and cultures are unique in the world.

According to him, the diversity of Nepali society has helped unite the folk culture, songs and music.

The Head of the State reminisced that the contribution made by late musician Natikaji Shrestha in creation of modern song and music following the folk music and tune was incomparable.

He held the view that it was a matter of national interest to give due importance to the artistes who dedicate their whole lives in the sector of Nepal’s music sector.
On the occasion, Society’s President Shambhujeet Banskota remarked that the honour from the President had further encouraged the art sector. Suggesting that the State should institute prize in the name of artistes to motivate new talents, he emphasized a ‘good’ law to ensure that the artists’ creation are not pirated and they get due royalty.

On the occasion, President Paudel conferred Natikaji National Special Honour on lyricists Ananda Adhikari, Bhusan Kharel, Sunil Thapa, Ram Bhattarai and Basanta Bityasi Thapa, on musicians Keshav Sunam, Dharma Munikar, Kumar Singh and Suvarna Limbu and signer Sudesh Sharma.

Similarly, feted on the occasion with Natikaji National Music Award for their special contribution to Nepal’s music and songs were lyricist Bijay Shivakoti, musician Rajanraj Shivakoti and singers Sishir Yogi and Banika Pradhan.

Likewise, the Natikaji National Talent Award was distributed to singer Sanjay Tumrok, Rachana Rimal, musician Shishir Bikram Thapa and song recorder Prakash Mishra.

The President presented folk singer Amrit Khati with Natikaji National Folk Music Award and Natikaji National Art Journalism to journalists Shanti Priya and Krishna Bhattarai. RSS