•      Wed Dec 6 2023

Be serious about the affect of climate change: Chairman Nepal

Kathmandu, Nov 3: Chairman of the CPN (Unified Socialist) Party and former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepalal has said that the recent visit of United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to Nepal has succeeded in drawing the attention of the world community to the affect of climate change.

In a program organized by Nepal Friendship Gathering, Leader Nepal said that the visit of Secretary-General Guterres succeeded in drawing the world’s attention to the message of peace from Lumbini and the impact of climate change from Mt Everest base camp.

Recalling that when he was the Prime Minister, he held a meeting of the Council of Ministers at the base camp of Mount Everest on 19 Mangsir 2066 BS with the agenda of climate change, and urged world community to be serious about carbon emissions.

He also recalled that the stone of that area was also given as a gift to the then American President Barack Obama, and he said that he gave priority to the World Climate Conference held in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, from Mangsir 22 to Poush 3,  2066 BS.

He said that at the Copenhagen meeting, Nepal drew the world’s attention to the crisis in Nepal and mountainous countries due to climate change.

The then Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, Tourism Minister Saratsingh Bhandari and Forest Minister Deepak Bohora were present when the Council of Ministers met in Kalapathar. The meeting issued the 10-point Everest Declaration on climate change.

A total of 23 ministers of the then government participated in that meeting. Before Nepal held the meeting at Kalapathar, the Maldives held a meeting under the sea and drew the world’s attention.

On the occasion, American attorneys and diplomats Todd Hendkricks and John Cotton Richmond have said that they are happy to cooperate with Nepal in the campaign against climate change, peace and stability and human trafficking.

According to Nepal Friendship Gathering, Richmond served as the U.S. Ambassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons.

According to Taj Mohammad Miya, one of the coordinator groups of the program, there are activists and parliamentarians from countries such as India, North Sudan, Norway, America and other countries represented in Friendship Gathering Nepal.

Representatives from different countries will discuss climate change, peace and stability and how to cooperate with each other in the campaign against human trafficking.