•      Thu Feb 29 2024

Bharatpur metropolis to launch ‘Visit Bharatpur 2024’

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Kathmandu, Nov 22: Bharatpur Metropolitan City is to run ‘Visit Bharatpur 2024’ campaign with an objective of bringing in domestic and foreign tourists by promoting Bharatpur as a tourism destination.

It was shared at a programme organised by Bharatpur Metropolitan City and Tourism Board here on Wednesday.

On the occasion, Deputy Mayor Chitra Sen Adhikari shared that the campaign is going to be run to observe the year 2024 as the Visit Bharatpur Year.

Stating that Bharatpur Metropolitan City is the first local government going to run the ‘Visit Year’, he mentioned that this campaign was not only of Bharatpur Metropolis, but of the entire country.

Similarly, Minister of State for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sushila Sripali Thakuri, said the initiatives taken by the metropolis for tourism promotion recognizing the natural beauty was historic.

The Ministry was effortful to resolve legal obstacles seen in protection and promotion of tourism sector by reviewing it, she added. Saying the time to launch ‘Visit Bharatpur 2024’ campaign by Bharatpur metropolis to recognize the tourism destinations in the district under the shadow was appropriate, Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism Board, Dhananjay Regmi, viewed that the Board was committed to make the campaign successful.

According to the Metropolis, the year 2024 is going to be celebrated as the year of visiting Bharatpur under the slogan ‘Visit Bharatpur’ for tourism promotion.

Various programmes—international safari mart, investment summit, heritage marathon, meeting and gathering of government and stakeholders, jungle festival, youth and women conference, literary programme, national and international seminar, sports competition, exhibition, and food festivals would be organised during the visit year.