•      Tue Sep 27 2022

Biden’s Confrontational Approach will Create Disorder in the World

Ignoring the cooperative approach on international relations, US President Joe Biden has taken confrontational approach which is almost copy and paste of his predecessor Donald Trump administration. President Biden’s behavior has revealed that his international approach is not particularly different than that of the previous Trump administration. At the present global scenario, global community concerns on that US approach could create disorder on the global system. Similarly, China’s Taiwan region trip of speaker Nancy Pelosi has further disestablished the regional and global situation.

The US-China confrontation will bring disorder in the world. The United States has the habit of ignoring international rules and creating conflicts with other countries. The rivalry between two superpowers US and China will lead to instability across the world by creating conflicts and differences between nations. The US-China confrontation is not a virtuous development because it can disrupt global economy, trade system and security system.

Since the beginning of his presidency, Biden is continuing his hostile approach toward China. When we go back to his activities while he was Vice-President under the Barack Obama administration, his approach toward China was not positive. He accused China for trying to interfere American politics and taking advantages from American companies. No doubt this kind of unnecessary blaming potentially increases tensions between two biggest economies, which could have a negative impact on both economies.

President Biden has enlarged the multiple alliances to counter China. Biden consider that China is a biggest threat to US because it is expanding its military capabilities, economic strength and territorial claims over the South China Sea militarily, economically and even diplomatically. QUAD, AUKUS, Five Eyes and Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS) are some of the efforts of building alliance of US administration to encircle and counter China. This aggressive US initiative has without doubt disrupted the international system. It is blatantly against the global peace and clearly against the principle of solidarity and global cooperation.

US policymakers now argue that China is America’s biggest economic and military threat, while this kind of argument has severely created auxiliary tension. What we need is a vision that is broad enough to encompass both America and China, but also encompassing enough of what each party is offering the other to make this possible together, not just for one country’s benefit but for the world at large. Former President Barack Obama once stated at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Santiago that he wanted partnership to be ‘a new model for global engagement’. Unfortunately though, his successor seems determined to pursue an ego-centric approach which fundamentally undermines global order, peace and stability.

President Biden, who has frequently criticized China for its military buildup and is also known for his hawkish calls for human rights, has not exhibited positive sign for building understanding through comprehensive dialogue and based on international norms. This situation has further amplified tension and pessimism among the global community.

Against the WTO principle, the previous Trump administration had imposed unnecessarily tariffs on steel and aluminum against China, which finally created hurdles on global trade and financial system. This has led to diplomatic conflicts between the two countries as well as with others that had previously been working together. Chinese leaders are frequently saying that China’s economic development and prosperity won’t challenge existing global order and is not directed against the US. They further say that China wants great partnership, cooperation and major power relations with the US. But US administration is hesitant to take China’s proposal positively and doubt unnecessarily with severe blaming.

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or the AUKUS treaty, for example, is America’s attempts to create exclusive blocs that, according to Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Wei Fenghe, speaking at a Shangri-La Dialogue 2022, would split the area and harm everyone’s interests. He has urged to oppose America’s efforts to contain and encircle China. At a program, one of Wei’s assistants strengthened the point by cautioning the reporters present, “The United States has already wreaked havoc in the Middle East and Europe; does it intend to wreak havoc in the Asia-Pacific next?”

It seems that Biden has ramped up the US-Taiwan alliance, encouraged South Korea and Japan to strengthen its own military strength and for the first time included Taiwan in its significant foreign policy agenda.

The US Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s China’s Taiwan visit has violated China’s sovereignty, global system and instigated conflict in the Asia region. The most important thing of the global community is to stop such political activities that would definitely bring a negative impact on other members of the United Nations.

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is an instigation to war. She has crossed the invisible line, violating not only China’s sovereignty but also the international community’s expectation for any responsible leader to respect their country’s dignity. She is clearly acting counter to the strategic interests of the US, violating international laws and causing conflict in the Asian region by visiting China’s Taiwan.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strongly opposed Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. The Ministry called the trip a provocative move against China which has only made things worse.

Pelosi’s visit has threatened China’s peaceful development approach. It will raise regional tensions, create confusion and threaten the peace and stability of the Asia Pacific. China has launched fierce protests against Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs saying it goes against “one-China principle” and would cause serious discord in Sino-US ties.

Pelosi’s action has incited a furious response from not only Chinese side, but also from peace-loving people all over the world. They have accused the US of violating China’s sovereignty and challenging the current international system. In their view, Pelosi’s visit is a clear violation of the existing global system, and has caused great distress within the Chinese nation. Her action has also caused significant conflict in the Asia region, which has already been plagued by tensions in the South China Sea and the East China Sea.

Actually, tough approach against China in the Washington first initiated by President Obama with his so-called “Pivot to Asia” (or “rebalance”) foreign policy. His administration had raised the alliance of the United States and Japan, as well as increasing defense aid to South Korea.

In conclusion, Biden’s international approach is creating hurdle for global order, governance and inclusive cooperation. US should leave cold-war mentality and zero-sum game. Global community believes on that cordial US-China relations will have great positive impact for a safe and better world. Actually, the ball is in Biden’s court. We still believe that Biden as an experienced politician will be back from his exiting confrontational approach and start fresh dialogue, communication and discussion with major powers to reduce tension and contribute for global peace, harmony and development. And US should stop filthy political game if it is serious on existing global order and peace.