•      Mon May 20 2024

British parliamentarian Wood pledges to work for increasing UK development aid

Kathmandu, April 12: Member of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom (UK) Stewart Wood said he would put efforts to increase UK development aid for the social transformation of Nepal.

Parliamentarian Wood who came Nepal as a special volunteer at the invitation of ‘VSO’ Nepal enquired information about the project activities run for addressing gender inequalities and prevention of Gender Based Violence (GBV).

Wood, also the Labour Party leader, had had a meeting with the locals of Biratnagar and Bara. He lauded the efforts being made there for social transformation.

He further said the programmes on girls education and livelihood implemented by VSO with support from the FCDO in Biratnagar Metropolitan City and Chaudandigadhi Municipality in Koshi Province and Girls’ education and youth leadership in Jeetpur-Simara Sub-Metropolitan City in Madhesh Province was exemplary.

The British lawmaker further said he was impressed by the aspirations of the Dalit communities in Bara for education and change.

Also the special advisor to past Prime Minister of the UK, Gordon Brown, Wood further said he would share the positive changes taking place in Nepal after return to his country and put all possible efforts to increase British government aid for socio-economic development in Nepal.

He, who also taught political science at Oxford University, said he would increase partnership for Nepal’s educational development and encourage British tourists to visit Nepal.

Country Representative of VSO Nepal, Jaishankar Lal, said the service rendered by volunteers like Wood in Nepal has added energy to the work being done in the social sector.