•      Fri May 24 2024

Campaign against human trafficking in Banke

Map of Banke District

NEPALGUNJ: The Khajura Rural Municipality is going to conduct a campaign against human trafficking. This is going to be carried out in coordination with the stakeholders for raising awareness against the scourge against humanity.

Chairperson of the rural municipality, Dambar BK, said that the rural municipality has made preparations such as conducting public awareness programs in the community, intensifying the search for missing and trafficked women and children, and creating an environment for residential schools to house the rescued children.

The rural municipality will also identify and provide employment to those who are vulnerable to human trafficking and to the survivors and affected families. The Human Trafficking Control Committee in Khajura has stated that Khajura is at high risk of human trafficking.

Head of women and children branch of the rural municipality Sushila Neupane said that the campaign will help prevent the risk of human trafficking.

According to the statistics of Maiti Nepal Nepalgunj, Banke district is the district with highest vulnerability to human trafficking in Lumbini province. According to the organization, out of 131 applications received for the search of missing women in the district in the past one year, 49 have been found.