•      Thu Jun 20 2024

Campaign of conserving traditional wells to mitigate fire loss

Nepalgunj, May 21: In the wake of rising incidents of fire coupled with heat waves, a campaign to renovate and conserve traditional wells has been launched in Banke district.

Ward no 3 and 7 of Nepalgunj Sub-metropolis began conserving wells in a bid to ease the efforts to douse fires that on rise in the urban settlements.

The urban settlements have narrow streets where entry of four-wheel vehicles is impossible. In case of fire in the dense housing, neither fire engines nor water tanks can enter.

The campaign of well conservation has been supported by the urban disaster and quake preparedness project of the Nepal Red Cross Society.

At least 4,000 litres of water will be collected in each water tank by renovating and conserving the wells at ward no 7, according to information management officer, Rupan Gyawali. The water could be used for emergency, he added.

“Narrow streets in the city do not allow entry of vehicles, so ensuring availability of tanks full of water at wards help mitigate fire threats and subsequent loss,” he added.

Chairman of ward no 7, Prashant Shrestha, informed that a pipe emanating from the water tank was installed inside the settlement so that it could be used to eject water in case of blaze outbreak.

In order to collect water from wells, a dry fire hydrant mechanism is put in place.

For filling up water tanks, conservation with renovation of traditional wells began in the city, he added.

Even the public awareness drive was launched at ward no 3 and 7 along with mobilization of 183 volunteers. The volunteers would also help in fire control, rescue and first aid.

Chairman Shrestha further informed that they would renovate additional wells with the cooperation of locals. “Two silted up wells have already been revived and locals made aware of its value,” he added.

The local dwellers were made responsible for protecting the renovated wells so they could utilize it for daily works and in emergencies.

Even the locals have become happy to see the rejuvenation of old time natural water tanks.

A local Chandra Kala Gurung said the water from well is regarded holy for the use in marriage, tonsure, and puja ceremonies. #rss