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CEDAW implementation bleak in Nepal

Jayanti Rai

Kathmandu, March 16: Nepal had become a state party to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in 2048BS. But, lawmakers expressed worry over the non-implementation of the convention.

During a programme the Forum for Women, Law and Development organized on Nepal’s agenda in the UN CEDAW committee, Chairperson of Legislation Management Committee of National Assembly, Jayanti Rai, said the country still has the situation that women themselves need to wage struggles to secure equal rights and dignity. Non-implementation of laws and convention is a serious problem, she added.

Lawmaker Kamala Pant viewed it has been difficult to ensure equal rights as the oppressors are powerful or close to power while victims the helpless ones.

Another lawmaker Bishnu Devi Pudashaini viewed although men and women were provided equal rights of citizenship in the constitution, implementation status is bleak.

Those sending false report to the CEDAW committee must be taken action, according to lawmaker Bagawati Neupane.

Executive Director at FWLD, advocate Sabin Shrestha, reminded that although Nepal had become a state party to the UN CEDAW without showing any reservation three decades back, its non-implementation is a severe blight to nation.

Immediately after the restoration of democracy in 2046BS, the interim government led by Krishna Prasad Bhattarai had been party to the CEDAW.

Neighbours India, Pakistan and Bangladesh had however endorsed the convention showing objection to Article 16. #Nepal

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