•      Fri Jun 21 2024

Chhath:Festive ambience overwhelms Mithila

Mahottari, Nov 18: The Mithila region, including Mahottari, is radiant and mesmerizing now. The villages and cities are decorated.

Artistic and colourful lights have made the settlements beaming, thereby attracting celebrants of imminent Chhath festival. Mithila dwellers are now busy making environment neat and clean. Houses are scrubbed and daubed.

Even the poor seem jubilant- they have forgotten their plights and ready to exchange festival greetings. It is what the ambience of Chhath is.

It is a festival observed every year in Tarai/Madhes. The festival features the worship of Sun and Goddes Shasthi. The water sources and river banks are made neat and tidy and are decorated.

The Sun is offered curd by dipping half of the body into the pond and rivers. Those observing fast as per ‘arbaarbain’ ritual began the process today, Friday. They took a bath and got prepared for fasting.

The songs devoted to Sun God and Goddess Chhathi are reverberating with the settlements. Similarly, paraphernalia for the ritual go further as cooking delicacies as thakuwa, bhusuwa at every household irrespective of class.

Accessories for puja include sugarcane, banana, ginger, turmeric, citrus fruits. Those growing these things get good market during this festival.

Hemkali Tharu from Bhangaha municipality-4 which is observing fast said she grew such things for puja and sold to manage the festival spending.

Similarly, those staying away from home have arrived to celebrate the major festival with family reunion. It is a best medium to unite family members. Another important feature of Chhath festival is cleanliness and harmony.

Raj Kishor Yadav, 64, from Sangrampur of Bhangaha municipality-6, said, “From economic viewpoint, people can be high and low, but every house is made clean as part of the festival.”

The Chhath festival is also a moment to reignite love and harmony. “Even the estranged ones speak with utmost politeness. The enmity is forgotten and social unity and amity fostered with festival,” observed a political cadre Mansul Kawari.