•      Sun Jun 23 2024

Child delivery at health facility sees upward trend in Dang

Dang, Oct 18 : The maternity allowance initiated by Tulsipur sub-metropolitan city of Dang has increased number of child delivery at health facilities.

According to Dr Gokarna Dahal, in-charge of Tulsipur sub-metropolis health section, maternity allowance is provided to the expected mothers who complete routine health check-up process at health facility since pregnancy as per the standards set by the sub-metropolis.

Presently the public health institution is providing Rs 1,800 and the sub-metropolis Rs 3,200 to those who go through the due process of health examination since pregnancy to delivery.

Number of expected mothers delivering child at health facility is increasing in all 19 wards of Tulsipur sub-metropolis. The trend is on the rise due to increasing awareness on child delivery and migration frequencies, Dahal shared.

As many as 3,179 women had delivered child at health facilities in Tulsipur sub-metropolis in the fiscal year 2075-76. However, it was 2,221 in the fiscal year 2074-75.