•      Wed Apr 24 2024

Cold Store set up at Rs 13 million in Birendranagar

Surkhet: A cold store has been constructed for storing vegetables and fruits in Birendranagar.

The cold store was set up at the cost of Rs 13 million with the joint investment of Ministry of Land Reform, Agriculture and Cooperatives in the State and Birendranagar Municipality.

Municipality’s Chief Administrative Officer, Tikaram Dhakal, shared that the District Cooperatives Association has been given responsibility to operate and manage the cold store.

“The farmers and entrepreneurs were facing loss of vegetables and fruits for not having the cold store. Now, it is safe for them to store the veggies and fruits,” he said, adding that it was the largest store in the State, so it could be utilized well.

Similarly, Manager of the District Cooperatives Association, Dhakaram Neupane, shared that the cold store would be operated in full scale within a month.

The store is capacious for as much as 200 metric tons of veggies and fruits.