•      Thu Sep 28 2023

‘Coordination, cooperation needed among three layers of government’

Karnali Province Chief Minister Raj Kumar Sharma (file photo)

Surkhet, Aug 25: Chief Minister of Karnali Province Raj Kumar Sharma has said that more coordination and cooperation was needed among the three layers of government as the spirit of the constitution.

Addressing a programme on literacy campaign in Birendranangar of Surkhet on Thursday, the Chief Minister called for more interventions to uplift the education of this province which he said has lagged behind than other provinces.

“The government’s presence is needed where there is problem and crisis. The role of three layers of government is also equally important,” Chief Minister Sharma added.

He argued that the government has the role to ensure social justice to the citizens adding that all three layers of government should discharge their duty for economic, cultural and social justice.

Likewise, Social Development Minister of Karnali Province Khadga Bahadur Pokharel appealed to the federal government and other stakeholders to translate the programme of ‘Literate Karnali Province’.