•      Sat Mar 2 2024

DPM Yadav inaugurates bus terminal in Birgunj

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Birgunj, August 27: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Upendra Yadav inaugurated a bus terminal built at Birgunj Metropolitan City-15 in Parsa district on Tuesday.

Spreading across 5 bigha and 5 kattha, the bus terminal was built at the cost of over Rs 150 million with the 90 per cent loan grant provided by the Town Development Committee.

The bus terminal has waiting room, ticket counter, treatment facility, photocopy, drinking water facility, beauty parlour restaurants and offices in the ground floor.

There are 55 rooms in the terminal suitable for running business. The terminal has capacity of parking 124 buses, 17 vans, 50 motorcycles, 21 bullock carts and 40 rickshaws.

During the inaugural, DPM Yadav drew everyone’s attention for the development of State 2 and underscored all-side cooperation and collaboration- governments, private sector and stakeholders- for the same.

Yadav shared that the Ministry of Health had allocated Rs 1.5 billion for the construction of building for Narayani Sub-Regional Hospital in Birgunj.

Stating that the government was working towards bringing all the citizens within the ambit of healthcare services, he said that the government had envisaged health post in each ward, one hospital in each village and metropolitan level hospital in each metropolitan city.

According to him, some forces were trying to shadow the federalism and democracy. He, thereby, urged for joint efforts to further strengthen and institutionalize federalism.

Similarly, Minister for Urban Development Mohammad Istiyak Rai assured that the federal government had adequately allocated budget for the overall development of Birgunj and five well-quipped hospitals across the country.

According to him, the Socialist Party was doing homework on the issues relating to amendment of the constitution as Socialist Party was also a part of the incumbent government.

Likewise, Chief Minister of the State 2 Lal Bahadur Raut said that the State lagged behind Karnali State in terms of human development index and reaffirmed the commitment of the State government for the overall development there.

Birgunj Metropolitan City Mayor Bijaya Kumar Sarawagi chaired the inaugural programme where parliamentarian Pradeep Yadav and Haru Narayan Yadav pointed out the need for long-term master plan for the greater development of Birgunj.