•      Sun Jun 23 2024

Dr Arju Rana says, “I have not committed any wrongdoing, I am not afraid”

Nepali Congress leader Dr Arju Rana Deuba

Kathmandu, May 7: Nepali Congress (NC) leader Dr Arzu Rana Deuba clarified that she was purposely implicated in the fake Bhutanese refugee scam and she was not afraid at all since, she said, she did not have any involvement in it.

Responding to the queries in today’s meeting of the House of Representatives, parliamentarian Deuba said that she did not have knowledge about the scam and she was saddened to see her name being dragged into the scam raising so many questions about her.

She said that some audio records were made public by bringing up fake people to malign her image. According to her, she was running social service and pursuing her political career without commenting on anyone while she was being intentionally defamed.

Deuba asserted, “A woman pursuing her political career in the strength of her own capacity is not tolerable in this country. Intolerable situation has emanated where we women have to sit in the place ordered by a male, speak the language instructed by a male and practice what they preach us. It is intolerable to men if any women rise to public domain.”

She reiterated, “Whoever however criticizes me, I have not committed any wrongdoing and I am not afraid at all.”

The former First Lady also urged anyone speaking ill against her to speak on the basis of facts only. She shared that she had furnished property details of her spouse Sher Bahadur Deuba and her to the government of Nepal.

She demanded to publish property details of all parliamentarians on the website and enable a situation where the public could take cognizance of their property details.