•      Fri Jun 21 2024

Employment Board ensures financial help to 171 migrants families

Kathmandu, Oct 30 : The government in a period of three months of the current fiscal year ensured financial assistance to the families of 171 Nepali migrant workers died in course of foreign employment.

The figure includes the data of first three months of the current fiscal year which had begun on July 17. 

As per the provision, the Board provided Rs 700 thousand each to the bereaved families.  Families of those died amidst the employment and within a year of returning home are eligible to claim the compensation, according to the source. 

            Similarly, during the period, 98 families of those who were left mutilated and fallen sick due to several reasons in course of employment were given the financial assistance.   

Seven dependent members of migrant families received financial help for medical treatment of cancer, kidney and heart diseases, Parkinson and Alzheimer’s.

The assistance amount starts from Rs 15,000 and the maximum ceiling is Rs 50,000 per person.   

Similarly, the Board in this period wrote a letter to related missions, seeking the facilitation to rescue 18 workers left stranded in foreign land and bring back the bodies of 41 workers died in course of foreign employment due to several reasons.