•      Thu Nov 30 2023

Flights from Manthali to Lukla Airport begins

Lukla airport (file)

Kathmandu, Sept 25: Flights from Manthali of Ramechhap district to Lukla have started from Sunday. The planes of Tara Air, Summit Air and Sita Air made flights from Manthali Airport for the foreign tourists from Sunday.

The three airlines companies are flying from Manthali to Lukla after the intense air traffic at the Kathmandu Airport in the time of tourist season.

Currently, the airlines companies ferry tourists to Manthali by bus and then to Lukla by planes.

With the beginning of the tourist season this year, the airlines companies are expected to make maximum flights if weather remains favorable.

Being an airport close to Kathmandu, the Manthali Airport is the only airport in the eastern region having refueling service and the site for the plane’s emergency landing.