•      Tue Feb 27 2024

Forest fire reaches human settlement, destroys a house in Udayapur

Forest fire in Nepal, 2023. (file photo)

Udayapur, Feb 7: A house and hut turned into ashes after a forest fire entered Okhle Dandagoun village of Taple rural municipality-1 located in north-west hilly area of Udayapur district.

The forest fire on Wednesday destroyed the house and hut belonging to Ramesh Magar. Chairperson of Taple rural municipality-1, Uddhav Hamal, said the fire spread from Sallaghari forest entered the village.

He shared all goods inside the house as food grains, utensils, clothes were destroyed.

A strong wind flared the wildfire towards the village. Hamal mentioned that other houses in the village were also at risk.

Deputy Superintendent of Police at the Area Police Office, Katari, Subhas Rai, stated that a team of security persons from police post, Rupatar, had headed towards the incident site to help locals extinguish fire and take stock of the damages. #Nepal