•      Sat Apr 13 2024

Gandaki CM complains of lack of cooperation in development

Pokhara, Sept 30 : Gandaki state chief minister Prithvi Subba Gurung has said lack of coordination among development planners and executors has hampered development plans.

In a discussion and interaction programme organised today by a team under the House of Representatives after its field visit to the Pokhara-Beni-Jomsom-Korola section, the chief minister said a deficit of sense of responsibility and accountability among stakeholders concerned has caused problems in development plans.

He complained that the cooperation of state government was not sought by the federal government in the implementation of projects.

According to the chief minister, the Visit Nepal Year 2020 was announced and no state government was consulted before the announcement.

He informed that 142 kilometers section along the Mid-hilly Highway (Pushpalal Highway) lies within the Gandaki state and the segment from Baglung to Burtibang was in bad condition.

President of Development and Technology Committee, House of Representatives, Kalyani Kumari Khadka underlined the need cooperation among stakeholders concerned and of combined efforts to accelerate development endevours.

Project chief Mukunda Raj Adhikari claimed 47-50 percent progress in regard with the Beni- Jomsom (sub) project being undertaken through four contracts.

Similarly, there are seven contracts for the implementation of Jomsom-Korola section and four contracts have been completed and a 50 percent progress has been tracked in relation to remaining three contracts.

It will take next five to six months to complete the remaining works, according to him.

Lawmaker Padam Giri apprised that road infrastructure in the aftermath of the announcement of Nepal Visit Year 2020 were not in a condition of bringing tourists to home.

As he said, it would not give a good message if tourists are welcomed in the existing conditions of roadways and we should be serious towards the same. State Assembly member Indradhara Bista said necessary infrastructure development was necessary.

State Assembly member Chandra Mohan Gauchan and District Coordination Committee Kaski president Bain Bahadur Adhikari Chhetri among others spoke the need of cooperation among the three-tier government in infrastructure construction efforts.

The Committee had returned Pokhara Sunday after the field visit to Pokhara-Beni-Jomsom and Korola road section beginning from September 24.