•      Thu Mar 30 2023

Gangalal Heart Centre will be an educational institution: Prime Minister Dahal

Kathmandu, Jan 29: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has expressed his commitment to develop Shaheed Gangalal Heart Center in Bansbari as an educational institution.

Speaking at the 27th anniversary ceremony of Shahid Gangalal National Heart Centre, Prime Minister Dahal said, “You have expressed the desire and demand to develop this center as an educational institution. The government will also take this process seriously.”

Prime Minister Dadhal said that the Gangalal Heart Center is the center of hope and trust of the Nepalese people. He said, “Gangalal Heart Center has been established as a center of hope and trust for Nepali people across the country. People have understood it as a center of their trust and treatment of heart disease. You are to be thanked for this. This attests to the public’s sensitivity to health in general.”

Prime Minister Dahal said that the constitution was issued through the great sacrifice and struggle of the Nepali people and social justice and equality were given high importance in it. “Health is written as a fundamental right in the constitution itself. However, laws have yet to be made for the purpose of implementing those fundamental rights. The government of Nepal is in the process of submitting the new laws as envisioned by the constitution to the parliament as soon as possible”, said Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister Dahal further added, “My second term as Prime Minister was important for the development of the health sector. Health insurance was implemented during the same term. Arrangements were made for the state to help the people in the treatment of various deadly diseases. A decision was taken to build a modern hospital at each local level. Health services were expanded throughout the country. During my third term, provincial hospitals with special health areas will be built in all seven provinces. A cardiology unit will also be placed in it.”

Shahid Gangalal Heart Center, Kathmandu.
Shahid Gangalal Heart Center, Kathmandu.