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Gathering of Nepali language speaking people in Bangkok formed ANO

Bangkok (Thailand), March 19: Nepali language speaking people living in different countries of the world gathered at Bangkok of Thailand and formed an Association of Nepali Origin (ANO). The ANO with an objective of protecting Nepali language and culture by uniting Nepalese.

The gathering held on Monday turned into the first convention and formed 54-member working committee under chairmanship of Dilli Adhikari, a social worker of Nepali origin, born in Bhutan and currently living in America. There was representation of more than 100 people of Nepali origin from at least 27 countries of the world.

Adhikari is President of Intra National Welfare and Support Foundation of America. The first convention of Nepali language speaking people was organised in Bangkok with the support and cooperation of the Foundation.

The gathering elected Sushil Kumar Panta as Vice-Chairperson, Chudamani Bhattarai as General-Secretary, Chiran Jung Thapa as Secretary, Arjun Kumar Poudel as Joint-Secretary, Uday Narayan Mishra as Treasurer and Gopi Karki as Joint-Treasurer of the working committee.

Similarly, Dilli Adhikari has been elected as Chairperson of Board of Trustees of the organisation. Sushil Kumar Panta, Chudamani Bhattarai, Sadhana Ghimire, Babu Krishna Karki, Sunita Gurung, Omraj Gurung, Batsana rai, TB Gurung, Biras Adhikari and Karishma Subba are the members.

Inaugurating the convention, Nepali Ambassador to Thailand, Dhan Bahadur Oli, wished that the ANO would be developed as an organisation that could unite people of Nepali origin in the world and maintain mutual cooperation and harmony.

He suggested all the organisations established in the name of Nepal and Nepalese to be united and involve for the protection and promotion of Nepali language, literature, culture as well as cooperation and coordination among the Nepali language speaking people.

Similarly, ANO Chairperson Adhikari shared that this campaign was started with a sentiment and objective of uniting all the Nepali language speaking people living across the world.

Nepalese living in 27 different countries including Nepal, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Portugal, Germany, South Korea, Italy, New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Bahrain had participated in the first convention. RSS #nepal