•      Sun Jun 23 2024

Going against alliance not beneficial to NC: Senior leader Poudel

Senior leader of the Nepali Congress Ramchandra Poudel has said it would not be beneficial to NC to go against ruling alliance at present situation. The NC however should develop confidence that it would go to election on its own, he stressed.

Senior leader Poudel was speaking at an interaction organized by NC Tanahu constituency no 1 here Thursday. It was necessary for NC to help unite communist parties, he argued, reminding that NC had acted on its own direction in the past.

Despite this, he viewed NC must be made the biggest party by forging alliance. According to him, NC would not get sufficient votes due to issues of inclusion.

On the occasion, central member Shankar Bhandari said NC needs to make people aware about the development activities it ensured in the past. It is time for NC to correct past mistakes and move ahead, he added, saying creating harmonious atmosphere in the party is equally important.

He argued that the alliance is not necessary in the name of winning election because NC alone wins election. RSS