•      Sat Jul 13 2024

Hailstone damages winter crops in Myagdi

Heavy hailstorm has affected people’s lives in Pokhara today.

Beni, March 26: Heavy hailstone occurred in Myagdi district damaged winter crops last evening.

The hailstone occurred after long drought damaged the crops of Raghuganga rural municipality and Beni municipality.

The wheat, barley, and legumes ready for harvest perished in the hailstone which occurred for three hours.

Similarly, the farmers said even the flowering citrus trees were laid bare with rains coupled with hailstone. Piple, Bhagawati, Kalejabang, Mauwaphant, Beg, Dagnam, Jhin and Pakhapani of Raghuganga rural municipality and Patlekhet, Ghatan, Pulauchar, Arthunge, Bagarphant, Beni of Beni municipality witnessed the adversity.

A farmer from Beni municipality-9, Bhadra Bahadur Baniya, informed that the cereals, mustard seedling and vegetable were destroyed in the heavy hailstone.

“We were ready to harvest crops, but the hailstone destroyed it all of sudden,” he shared the plight.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Raghuganga rural municipality, Bhawa Bahadur Bhandari, informed the details on loss and damage caused by the hailstone would be collected from ward level. #nepal

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