•      Mon Apr 22 2024

Halesi, a must-visit religious site (Photo Feature)

Traveling culture has increased among Nepalis in recent times. In the past, Nepalis who used to go out only to meet their relatives, now, if they have time and leisure, they reach distance places for religious, entertainment and knowledge purpose.

One such religious place is the famous Halesi Mahadev Temple in Eastern Nepal. Halesi Mahadev is a famous Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage site in Nepal. It is located in Halesi Tuwachung municipality ward no.7, west from Diktel.

The natural geological structure of ‘Halesi Cave’ at a height of 4,736 feet above sea level is considered unique in the world. Halesi Mahadev is considered by Hindus as Pashupati of the East, by Buddhists as the second Lumbini or Maratik cave and by Kirant as the Aadim Bhoomi (primitive land).

Photo: Radha Aryal