•      Wed Mar 29 2023

Haruwa-Charuwa call for introducing rehabilitation programme

Madhes Province Chief Minister Saroj Yadav. (file)

Janakpurdham, March 15: The National Harawa-Charawa Forum has demanded the Madhes Province government introduce rehabilitation programme with multi-dimensional poverty alleviation and collect their details after forming a high-level Harawa-Charawa rehabilitation committee.

Handing over a memorandum to Chief Minister of Madhes Province, Saroj Kumar Yadav, Forum Chairperson Dashan Lal Mandal and his team complained through the federal government had declared Harawa-Charawa liberation and waiver of loan in July 2022 the task related to rehabilitation was yet to be rolled out.

Advocate Balaram Bhattarai informed that the stakeholders have demanded the province government initiate judicial restructuring with integrated package and also the formation of a high-level Harawa-Charawa rehabilitation committee to that end.

The Forum has also called for bringing a comprehensive action plan and work procedure to remove the prevalence of constitutionally and legally-prohibited adoption of Harawa-Charawa system in eight districts of Madhes. The Forum in the memorandum demanded announcement of integrated package inclusive of adequate cultivable land, education, health, employment, social security and inclusiveness.

CM Yadav pledged to address the issue by framing necessary policy and plan. “The CM has promised to hold discussion to bring concrete programme in upcoming year’s policy, budget and programme. We are hopeful of the implementation”, the Forum Chairperson noted.