•      Sat Mar 2 2024

Home Minister Lamichhane instructs to be prepared on cold waves and snowfall

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Rabi Lamichhane (Photo: Ministry’s Secretariat)

Kathmandu: Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane has instructed the Chief District Officers to get ready to reduce the risks caused by cold waves in Terai and snowfall in high Himalayan districts.

Home Minister Lamichhane, while instructing the Chief District Officers who are working round the clock to maintain peace and security in the district, gave a virtual address today at the Ministry of Home Affairs and instructed them to prepare for disaster management to prevent any citizen from losing their lives due to the growing cold.

He said that the Ministry will take the initiative of necessary coordination and management as well. Also, Minister Lamichhane instructed the CDOs to reach out to the citizens who are facing disasters as much as possible and to promise to provide guardianship to those in distress. It has also been instructed to always give high priority to citizens’ complaints and problems, to expand easy access to services, to adopt technology-friendly and virtuous behavior.

Home Minister Lamichhane has instructed that he and his party are committed to zero tolerance against corruption, keeping good governance in mind, so as not to be pressured and influenced by any person or institution or political parties. He has also given instructions to remove the complaint that the citizens have to face delays, annoying and rude behavior in the services they get from the state.

It has been instructed to prepare and send a service delivery improvement implementation plan within fifteen days, including matters of improvement and process simplification, which can be done through the internal management of the office and can be further facilitated by the ministry within the limits of existing laws, means and resources.

In addition to this, he suggested that the attention of the concerned authorities should be drawn to this issue as the citizens who have been affected by unwanted interest rates across the country are complaining that they have not yet heard about it.

Minister Lamichhane instructed the CDOs and the heads of security agencies to bring those involved in smuggling under the law as soon as possible and to streamline the regular services such as citizenship, national identity card and other services provided by the district administration offices as well as peace and security through the police.