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HoR session begins

Kathmandu, Feb 25: A session of the House of Representatives has commenced. Once the meeting convened, the main opposition party, CPN (UML), again drew the government attention towards the issues it raised earlier. The party accused the government of overlooking the issues it raised.

Party Chief Whip Padam Giri demanded the government take action against all those responsible for the Balkumari accident occurred on last December 29, resulting in the casualties of two.

It may be noted that in course of the agitation launched by EPS Korea programme students, an official vehicle of Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Prakash Jwala was torched.

Similarly, the main opposition objected to an agreement to lease out the Ramgram area in Lumbini. It has sought the replies from the government in regard to the Kathmandu-centric protest of usury victims. Chief Whip Giri also took time to call on the government for compensating the farmers for the deaths of livestock due to lumpy skin.

After hearing the voices of main opposition, Speaker Devraj Ghimire said the parliament has already issued a ruling to the government for addressing the issues raised by the opposition in the previous meetings.

“Line ministers are present in the meeting and will respond to the maters. It is not advisable to issue a ruling over the same matter frequently. The attention of the parliament has been drawn to the demands that the Prime Minister should present in the parliament to give replies to the issues,” he said.

Similarly, the Speaker is scheduled to present a notice of protest for decision in regard to a proposal seeking permission to table the ‘Political Parties Act (second amendment) Bill, 2080 BS’, it is said. RSS

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