•      Thu Jun 13 2024

I was sentimental, I confess a mistake on delivering statement: Prime Minister Dahal 

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda (Photo: PMO).

Kathmandu, July 10: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has confessed that he had made a mistake while delivering a statement on being a premiership of the country.

Addressing the meeting of the House of Representatives on Monday, PM Dahal assured the parliament that he would take caution in future.

He further said there should be a change in the practice of obstructing the Parliament as soon as a common issue is raised.

Prime Minister Dahal said, “Disagreement also has its dignity, let’s not comment on impulse and haste.” He also urged people not to forget the fact that the people have become accustomed to the traditional display of party interests. He made it clear that it is not within parliamentary norms to continuously demand resignation without giving an opportunity for explanation. He said, “Why was the parliament blocked for three days? I was there to make it clear from the beginning.”

He mentioned that the topic of ethics has been raised many times in the parliament, “I request you to look at history to see who has shown morality and who has not.” He recalled that in the past he had resigned twice on moral grounds. He made it clear that he would not resign on the basis of what anyone said, rather he would not stay in office even for a minute because of his conscience.

Responding the demand of resignation from RPP Chairman Rajendra Lingden, Prime Minister Dahal said, “I will not resign on the basis of what you have said, but if my inner soul tells me, I will not stay in office even for a minute.”

He reiterated that he is committed and loyal to the issues of protection of change, good governance and peace, greater national interest and nationalism and sovereignty. He expressed grief over the language used during the release of the book written about Pritam Singh.

Prime Minister said, “Everyone here knows that I am sentimental. I got a little emotional. I wish I hadn’t said that, but it came to mind, so I said it.”

Making it clear that he should not speak like that as the Prime Minister, Prime Minister Dahal said, “I did not speak as the Prime Minister that day. I came to speak as Gyanu’s father. I remembered that sentiment. He came to thank Pritam Singh for his faithfulness.”

Because of the controversial remark by the Prime Minister Dahal, main opposition party CPN UML, RPP, RSP have demanded the immediate resignation of the Prime Minister. Even the opposition parties obstructed the meetings of the House of Representatives and National Assembly.

However, a meeting of top leaders from Nepali Congress, CPN UML and Prime Minister Dahal settled the issue. They agreed to proceed House meetings and Prime Minister Dahal would clarify on the issue.

Some days ago, Prime Minister Dahal had spoken publicly that Pritam Singh was cooperating to make Dahal as Prime Minister, and Pritam Singh was lobbying in Nepal and India as well.