•      Thu Mar 30 2023

Atrocities in India occupied Jammu and Kashmir


On 5 August 2019, India unilaterally annexed Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) by passing a Re-org Bill and bifurcating the State into two Union Territories. Besides imposing curfew and deployment of 350,000 additional forces, all mainstream and pro-movement leadership along with active youth was arrested to avoid any reaction / agitation by the local masses. Total media black-out / closure of internet, mobile and landline phones was instituted to keep the world blind about the Indian illegal actions in IIOJK Since then India is continuously carrying out following actions to strengthen its grip
over IIOJK:-

  • Political engineering.
  • Demographic marginalization.
  • Socio-economic machinations.
  • Cultural invasion.
  • Media curbs.
  • Legal strangulation.
  • High handedness / coercion.
  • Situation in IIOJK

Situation in IIOJK

In order to permanently merge IIOJK in Indian Union and nullify its disputed character, India has embarked upon unabated machinations in various domains
against the people of IIOJK with no pressure from the world community. Parallel to these efforts, an image of normalcy is being created through multiple initiatives by engaging national and international investors. Details of some of her machinations / coercive actions are:-

Political :
Delimitation has been carried out to increase Hindu seats and divide Muslim vote bank. Salients are given as under:-

  • Jammu seats have been increased from 37 to 43 and Valley seats from 46 to 47.
  • 9 seats have been reserved for Scheduled Tribes (6 in Jammu and 3 in Valley)
  • 7 seats reserved for Scheduled Casts in Jammu Division.
  • 2 x nominated seats each have been recommended for Kashmiri Migrants and Kashmiri pandits by the Delimitation Commission.
  • Over 80 petitions against abrogation of Article 370 / 35A have been filed since 5 Aug 2019 in the Indian Supreme Court. Recently, the Court has listed it for hearing but no date is given so far. All regional mainstream leaders have rejected the recently held delimitation .

Election Commission of India has announced for including 2.5 Million outsiders in electoral roll. Any individual who has stayed for only one year is being given right to vote.

New parties (J&K Apni Party and J&K National Political Front) have been raised to weaken and create division amongst Valley based mainstream

Subversive intrusion and use of Enforcement Department / National Investigation Agency to induce defections and create fissures in PAGD
which is an alliance of regional parties.

Hurriyat leadership incarcerated; Shrinking space for political activities; Hurriyat leadership incarcerated; surge in arrests of innocent youth under Unlawfull Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). Hurriyat free design is being implemented. Three prominent Hurriyat leaders have been killed in custody. Syed Ali Gilani was house arrested while Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai and Altaf Ahmed Shah in Jail. No one was allowed for the medical treatment thus leaving them to death.

Economy: To economically coerce local traders and curtail self-sufficientness of the masses, India:-

Has extended mainland economic activities in IIOJK (Jammu Investment Summit): 39 MoU ($2. 5 Billion) signed, target around $10 Billion.

Local businesses under annihilation from big conglomerates of mainland. Industrial Policy: Estb of 37 industrial units — 9800 acres of land earmarked for Investors;

Settlement of non-local labourers in IIOJK.

Mou between Govt of IIOJK with DP World on infrastructure dev signed at Srinagar.

Started flights of Go Air India b/w Sharjah to Srinagar to dilute disputed character of IIOJK.

MOU b/w Govt of Kashmir and LuLu group of UAE signed for trade activities / global investment. Emaar Gp of Dubai has already announced construction of a Mall in Srinagar covering an area of 5 Lakh sq/ft, MOU signed.

Lt Governor participated in expo at Dubai to attract intl Investors.

Local economy suffered lose of Rs 367 crores per day during two years of lockdown.

Unemployment in Kashmiri youth reached 0.5 Million. Outsider labourer being facilitated in permanently settling in IIOJK.

To limit eco independency of Kashmiris, India is creating hurdles to Crop rice
especially in Valley. In the Valley,rice is a major food item which is consumed
the most and the people store it for two years as a common practice.

Thousands Of apple trucks are held on Jammu-Srinagar Highway which are wasted.

Demographic Engineering
– Domicile Law: Over 6 Mn domiciles issued (incl 1.2 to outsiders).
– Land laws allowing outsiders to purchase property. 7 outsiders purchased land so far. Over 4,200 have applied for land.
-Army empowered to grab land by declaring it as ‘Strat Area’; land bank being created for outsiders (60,000 kanals in Jammu & Valley).
-3.5 lakh kanals land being retrieved from Roshani Act beneficiaries, likely to be used for larger design to settle outsiders.
-As an attempt to change the demography / target Muslim majority regions, KPs are being encouraged to demand a separate homeland within the
-Over 2.5 Million outsiders who are being given right to vote will be given domicile to change the demography.
~Suffocation I Oppression of Muslims
-1000 government employees being terminated due to links with

Hurriyat; so far, 1026 employees have been terminated. 60000  families shortlisted and will be denied passport and jobs, denying
them basic human rights.

-Media Curbs: Administration to decide fake/ anti-national news; newspapers under strict scrutiny, coverage of cordon an dsearch
operations (CASOs) not allowed: strict SM monitoring.

-Students being stopped from studies abroad, especially in Pakistan and Turkiye.
-Social Media activists are being termed white collar terrorists.
-CCTV Camera web installed to monitor public places.
-Kashmir University Teachers Association (KUTA) and 15 other Unions / Associations are being banned for their support to pro- Movement camp.
-Fear created amongst Hurriyat leaders and activists through a recent decision made by the Indian Home Ministry to re-open all cases related to
their pro-Movement activities.
-TO suppress active Hurriyat leaders in particular and Muslims Of Jammu in general, Indian Army and Police have strategized VDCs (now VDGs) in the villages of all 10 districts of Jammu.

Indian Hiqhhandedness Since 5th August

-Draconian laws like AFSPA, PSA being fully exploited.
-State Investigation Agency (SIA) constituted to further harass the masses.
-Indian govt is planning ‘One Area, One Force’ Concept for IIOJK.
-India orchestrating false flag operations and fake encounters to malign indigenous character Of Kashmir Freedom Struggle killing at Hyderpura, Zia Mustafa and Muhammad Ali Hussain are the cases in point.
-No political space, voices are suppressed using coercive strategy. Kashmiri Women speaking against oppression are tagged ‘on sale / auction’ on social
media by the RSS.
-Bodies of martyred youth neither being handed over nor funeral is allowed.
-Chemical and heavy weapons are used during CASOs.
-Human shield is a common phenomenon in IIOJK.
-Arrested pro-Movement people are treated inhumanly in jails. Very limited access is provided for the legal assistance / medical.
-Yasin Malik has been awarded life impressment with IC Rs 10 lakh fine by the NIA Court on conducting pro-Movement activities.
-Human rights activists and journalists being targeted and arrested. (60 journalists under restrictions for going abroad / interacting with international
media, Khurram Parvaiz arrested).
-AJK / Pakistani Women who traveled to IIOJK alongwith their husbands are not being provided with traveling documents. These women alongwith their children (258) are struck in IIOJK.
-Recently, India threatened Kashmiri students through a public notice for not recognizing degrees / education obtained from Pakistan’s institutions.
-Post 5 August 2019, 125 private and 318 x schools / institutions under Jamat- e-lslami IIOJK have been closed.

Cultural Invasion (Marginalisation of Muslims)
-50,000 pre-Islamic era Mandirs being identified / renovated mostly demolishing mosques. 6 acres land allotted to const a Mandir in Jammu.
-Names of 84 places changed.
-Hindi added to the list of official languages and change of syllabus.
-Waqf Bill passed to control all religious places and their funds. Over  32,000 Dargahs, Shrines, Mosques and Madrissas have been taken over by the Centre through this board.
-Giving scholarship and admissions to Kashmiri students in RSS run universities
-Film Policy approved; Subsidy to film makers. Attract youth especially engaging females. Fashion show held in Srinagar.
-149 yrs Old traditions Of Darbar MOV ended. Raj Bhavan permanently shiftedto Jammu, may convert Jammu as the Capital of IIOJK.

Portrayinq Normalcy
-Frequent visits of Indian parliamentarians and visits of diplomats are being arranged.
-UAE delegation including heads of DP World, Lulu and Emaar Groups led by UAE Ambassador visited IIOJK and met Indian PM.
-Youth Engagement Plan; Umeed, uraan, Himayat & parvaaz Scheme being extended down to block level.
-Moreover, sports activities being introduced to engage youth.

Legal-Judicial-Administrative Marginalization
-Change in quota of IAS (Kashmiris reduced from 50% to 33%). Out of 20 principal Secretaries appointed, 16 are Hindus. Majority Of DCs and SPs  posted in IIOJK are also Hindus.
-Panchayati Raj Act Amended: District Development Council (DDC) created with 14 constituencies made in each district (total 280), financial powers given to DOCS, an attempt to strengthen grip at grass root level.
-Govt employees can be dismissed if they or their family members are found to be sympathetic to people accused under UAPA and AFSPA.
-890 Central Laws made applicable, 205 State Laws repealed and 135 State Acts modified for UT.