•      Fri Jun 21 2024

IOC sends new rate of petroleum products

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC)

Kathmandu, July 2:  The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has sent the new price list of petroleum products to Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC). According to the price list sent by IOC, petrol has decreased by 14 paise per liter. However, the price of diesel has increased by Rs. 2.16 per liter.

Similarly, the price of LPG has been reduced by Rs 161 per cylinder. Due to decrease in LPG price, the corporation will be no longer in loss, according to NOC sources. The IOC has been sending the new price list of fuel to Nepal Oil Corporation in 15-15 days.

Nepal Oil Corporation is currently in profit. According to NOC, the corporation now has a profit of Rs 12 per liter on petrol, Rs 7 per cylinder on gas, and Rs 13 per cylinder on diesel. Similarly, in kerosene, there is a profit of Rs 27 per liter. In aviation fuel, the corporation is making a profit of Rs 37 per liter domestically and Rs 57 per liter international aviation.

The common people have been raising concern over the cost of petro products and demanding to reduce price. They say that the government and NOC were not following the automatic price adjustment system.