•      Wed Apr 24 2024

Iron ore reserve excavation gains ground

Kawaswoti, Sept 17: The excavation of iron ore reserve is gaining ground at Dhauwadi of Nawalpur.

With the government decision to set up Dhauwadi Iron Mine Company, the task for excavation has opened up.

The Department of Mines and Geology also has continued its further study on iron reserve. The Department of Road is also constructing the road leading to the iron reserve site.

Now the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply and Department of Roads are taking proactive initiative for excavation of iron ore.

As the basic infrastructure for the operation of iron reserve is road the task of opening track is being carried out in an emphatic manner.

So far 6-km track of the road leading to iron site has been opened.

The iron reserve is located in some 20-km from Danda along the East-West Highway and in 14.5-km from Jhyalbas of Hupsekot rural municipality.

A preliminary study had revealed that 100 million tonnes of iron can be extracted from the reserve. It is Nepal’s biggest reserve discovered so far, geologists said.