•      Mon May 20 2024

IT emerging and innovative tool for good governance, prosperity: Minister Sharma

Minister Rekha Sharma

Kathmandu, May 2: Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has said the formulations of policies and laws and the development of physical infrastructure are in the progress to increase investment in information technology (IT) sector and make its use safe.

In her address to a programme organised to mark the 7th National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Day here today, the Minister said the National Cyber Security Policy, 2080 has been issued first time aiming to make the cyber space secured and systematic.

“On the basis of the same policy, the National Cyber Security Center has been established. The formulation of the draft of the Information Technology and Cyber Security Bill is in the progress,” the Minister said, adding a review of the Telecommunications Act is underway to adjust it as per the demand of time.

According to the Minister, IT has now become a vital aspect in the campaign to build a prosperous Nepal along with the presence of good governance and social justice.  The government Spokesperson appealed to one and all to cooperate with the government in efforts to find a path towards prosperity through IT innovations and its use.

With more innovations in IT sectors and expansion of IT services, its use has significantly soared in Nepal, she said, adding the application of an online system in the public service sector has increased.

As the government Spokesperson said, the government is focused on the expansion of telecommunications connectivity across the country, identifying it as a fundamental digital infrastructure when the government pursues a policy of promoting the digital payment system and accelerating its use with effectiveness.

According to the Minister, most parts of the country have now access to telecommunications services and most ward centers have access to broadband internet facility.

Lately, IT is seen as an emerging and innovative sector for an economic prosperity, she said. “As of today, we consider the promotion of agriculture, hydropower, and tourism areas instrumental for finding an economic prosperity, and now the IT has found its space in this list as a new and emerging sector.”

She pointed out the need of effective implementation of infrastructure sharing policy after reviewing it in order to end the dual investment at telecommunication infrastructure sector.

It was mandatory to established IT hub to make IT industry and increasing IT related service export systematic, stressed Minister Sharma.

The Communications Minister mentioned, “An environment for integrated mobilization of knowledge, skill and labour of capable human resources of IT sector and capital of investors within the country and abroad will be built if necessary infrastructures can be built in order to operating IT industry and startups from the same place to promote IT related service export.”

Underscoring the need of launching digital literacy and public awareness programmes across the country to make use of information technology safe, she explained, ” Though the world community has move a long way in the IT sector, there is still digital divide in Nepal. On the one hand, an access of all people to informational technology has to be established while on the other hand an environment has to be created where all citizens can use it in an equal manner. The government is serious and committed for the same.”

Similarly, Chairperson of Education, Health and Information Committee of House of Representatives, Ambar Bahadur Thapa, said the information technology has made daily life easier and has been playing significant role in country’s economic transformation.

“The use of information technology should be made broad in nation’s development, progress and prosperity. The government should pay attention to make IT as the basis of prosperity”, he shared.

Likewise, President of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Chandra Prasad Dhakal, explained that it was very important to keep IT sector as the sector of high potential for investment.

There is possibility of bringing in foreign currencies by exporting services by increasing infrastructures and investment in IT sector, he mentioned, stating the government should keep it at high priority.

Secretary at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Ram Krishna Subedi, underlined that the use of IT was mandatory in work performance, education, health and research, adding life without ‘smart phone’ could not been imagined.