•      Tue Feb 27 2024

John and The Locals: Eastern Nepal’s Sensational Band Gears Up for Global Triumph

Dharan, Eastern Nepal – In the heart of Eastern Nepal, the vibrant city of Dharan has become the birthplace of a musical phenomenon – “John and The Locals.” Comprising five exceptionally talented individuals, this band has not only captured the hearts of locals but has also become the most demanded musical artist of today’s time.

Led by the charismatic John Rai on vocals, the band boasts a stellar lineup that includes Jasper Rai on drums, Manuhang Rai aka Mannu Myan on bass guitar, Shreehang Rai aka Steve on lead guitar, the unique addition of Sudarshan Thapa on flute and Henry Rai as the sound and technical engineer .

Under the guidance of a young visionary from Pokhara ,Pukar Bhattachan, who is the band manager – the band has made a significant impact with its diverse sound and captivating live shows, completing 2 international shows out of 16 successful concerts within a span of 5 months.

Their YouTube hits, such as “Hawa Jastai” with 13 million views, “Farkanna Hola” with 5 million views, and “Nihita” with 4 million views, have propelled John and The Locals into the limelight. Other chart-toppers like “Sadhana” and “Mutu dekhin “ have solidified their position as one of the most sought-after bands in today’s music scene .

John and The Locals exemplify the art of leveraging social media and digital marketing to transform online subscriptions into genuine concert attendees. The band is indebted and extends their gratitude to their family, friends , well wishers and especially their online and social media supporters for their new found fame .

John and The Locals have sold out venues across different cities in Nepal, leaving their fans awe-struck with unforgettable live experiences. Their popularity extends beyond borders, with successful performances in Dubai, the UK, and upcoming shows in Hong Kong and Korea this February.


With a fan base that spans continents, John and The Locals are set to make their mark on the international music scene. As they embark on their Australian, UK, US, and European tour, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in the musical journey of John and The Locals.

Debree Events, a UK-based event company headed by Debbre Gurung, secures the international Tour management rights for John and The Locals throughout 2024, acknowledging the band’s worldwide popularity. Aakash Pradhan, a representative of Debree Events, eagerly anticipates participating in this international journey, noting, “John’s music has a global fan base, and there’s widespread anticipation for his live performances.”