•      Sat Dec 9 2023

Journalist Lamichhane vows to continue job well

Chitwan, Aug 28: Television presenter Rabi Lamichhane stated that he would continue doing his work as a mediaperson bringing to light the plights of those in need.

Journalist Lamichhane said this at a press meet organised in Bharatpur of Chitwan District, Tuesday morning, the day after he along with journalist Yuvaraj Kandel were released on bail, and Asmita Karki ‘Ruku’ on general date.

When asked about his intention of joining politics, Lamichhane indicated that time could take him towards politics but it wasn’t something that he would pursue anytime soon, he had more to do in his own field. He stated that the door to politics for him has not been locked, only closed for now.

Rabi Lamichhane, a popular TV Presenter, addressing a mass gathering at Chitwan after getting bail. Photo: Rabi Lamichhane Fan Club

He expressed his intention to work more responsibly in bringing out issues of the general public and making an effort to address them, by alerting the parties involved in irregularities. His first priority will be to make those in power responsible and accountable through his own work.

At the meet, Lamichhane expressed his joy in witnessing the people’s trust on him. “It seems to be enough to work in favour of truth, facts and justice.” He took the opportunity to thank all the people who came out to support him in his hour of need, expressing his commitment to not let this trust go in vain.

He said he didn’t have enmity with anyone. He also stated that he often gets blamed for various issues and asked those blaming him to come with proof or evidence to support such blames and he would provide them with a space in his own programme to talk about that.

Addressing those who say he is not a journalist, he said, “If bringing out the voice of the public, especially those in need, would deviate from journalism, then I have no wish in being one.” However, Lamichhane added that he feels upon himself the responsibility of protecting the values of journalism and stated that he and his team have done their part in making the profession proud.

Similarly, Lamichhane expressed that he would respect the Court’s decision and requested the mediapersons to not ask him any questions related to the case. He said, “I will move ahead respecting the decision of the Court.”

Sharing his experience of staying in custody, Lamichhane said that his 11-day stay taught him of a new experience which made him privy to the on-goings inside the prison.

The District Court, Chitwan had granted release of television presenter Rabi Lamichhane, journalist Yuvaraj Kandel, and Asmita Karki also known as ‘Ruku’ Monday evening. After recording statements of the trio, the bench of District Judge Hemanta Rawal granted release of Lamichhane and Kandel on bail, and Karki on general date until the verdict was passed.