•      Wed Dec 6 2023

Kaag Sammelan at Ratnapark during Crow Tihar

Kathmandu, Nov 11: The 20th edition of Kaag Sammelan (Crow Conference) has been held at Shantibatika in Ratnapark, Kathmandu today morning.

The first day of Yama Panchak has been celebrated as Crow Tihar.  In the conference, Ramesh Dulal gathered the crows together by taking out the crow’s voice.

After Dulal called out the crow’s voice, the crows came to the place where his voice was heard. Dulal has been organizing Crow Conferences on the occasion of Crow Tihar for the past 19 years.

On the day of Crow Tihar, there is a custom of worshiping the crow as the messenger of Yamraj and giving food. It is believed that giving sweet food to crows during the festival of crows will bring good news.

Talking to the media after the crow conference, Dulal said that crows have not come this year as expected.

He said, ‘Now crows are disappearing, that’s why they didn’t come in as many numbers as expected. The 20th Crow Conference went well.”

He has a close relationship with the crow.