•      Fri Sep 29 2023

Kantipur Television closed Sandeep Chhetri’s ‘What the Flop’ show

Kathmandu, July 20: Kantipur Television has stopped Sandeep Chhetri’s popular television show ‘What the Flop’, citing controversy over the interview with the actor Paul Shah.

Respecting women’s self-respect and society’s awareness, the production and broadcasting of ‘What the Flop’ program has been stopped, Kantipur Television reported.

On last Ashad 23, the show’s presenter, Sandeep Chhetri, invited Paul and interviewed him. In the program, when Shah narrated his prison experience, he was criticized on social media for hurting the feelings of victims of sexual violence. Kantipur immediately removed the interview from YouTube channel.

Kantipur said in a statement, “The conversation with Paul was against our editorial policy, we have removed the video from YouTube.”

The station further said that the production and broadcasting of ‘What the Flop’ has been completely stopped.