•      Thu Sep 28 2023

Kathmandu Metropolis unveils list of immediate works

KMC office
Office of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (file photo)

Kathmandu, Sept 11: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has unveiled a list of 71 works that it has to carry out immediately in the current fiscal year.

Making the list public amidst a programme today, KMC Chief Administrative Officer Basanta Adhikari urged all the departmental chiefs not to delay the programmes for any reason.

Among the works that have to be carried out immediately are the installation of high-mast lights, operation of digital services, vehicle parking management at office premises and the city area and operation of health promotion centre.

Similarly, sterilization of stray dogs, development of monitoring indicators (infrastructure, ward level, department, project and programme level, public procurement process), implementation of the decisions made by the Executive Meeting, status of implementation of Acts, formulation of necessary work procedures and projects of Metropolitan pride and glory are also included among the works to be carried out immediately in this fiscal year.

Likewise, construction of glass bars on pedestrian overhead bridges, the regular repair and maintenance of structures like the pavement, transport management and construction of public toilets also are included in the list.

Construction of a breast-feeding room at Kathmandu Plaza, the KMC office also features in the list.

The KMC had provided a prototype of the public toilet to all the KMC wards last week and instructed them to construct public toilets at the required places. Although the KMC has been saying since the past some years that it will construct toilets at public places, it has not been able to carry out this work so far.

KMC has earmarked Rs 7 billion 346 million and 471 thousand for construction of physical structures.