•      Mon Feb 26 2024

KMC to conduct year-round market monitoring

            Kathmandu, Sept 28 : Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is to carry out market monitoring throughout the year and not just during the festival time.

            KMC stated that regular market monitoring would be carried out by preparing annual schedule, as the periodical monitoring was not found effective.

            KMC’s Deputy Mayor, Hari Prabha Khadgi (Shrestha) said that the metropolis has been carrying out market monitoring on a regular basis since some days.

            The Consumer Welfare Protection Act has a provision of immediately imposing fine in case anyone is found in breach of the Act in course of the market monitoring. The inspection officer can impose fine of Rs 5,000 to maximum Rs 300,000 if the producer of the goods, transporters, importers, sellers or service providers are found at fault on the basis of on-the-spot evidence in course of the market monitoring, inspection, checking or searching. 

            According to Deputy Mayor Shrestha, KMC will give priority to and pay special attention to matters of public interest.

            Schedule 8 of the Constitution of Nepal has assigned the responsibility of market monitoring to the local level for protecting consumer interests.

            Consumers have been complaining that the market monitoring that is done only during the festival period is not effective. They have been calling for year-round market monitoring.