•      Wed Sep 27 2023

Landslide affected build new homes in Parbat

Parbat, Oct 6 :  Three families at Jaljala rural municipality, Parbat who had become homeless due to a landslide have built new homes with the support of emigrant Nepali.

The International Pabart Society, an organisation of the people from the district and currently living outside the country, assisted them to build new homes.

The beneficiaries are Tek Bahadur Pariyar, and Rupa Pariyar of Nagliwang, ward-8 and Bheem Lal Achara of Dhairing, ward-7, according to society chair Puran Giri.

It assisted the families to purchase construction materials such as cement, corrugated zinc plates, iron rods, sands and blocks.

Though the committee had agreed to assist Rs 900 thousands to implement the project, it (the project) cost over Rs 1.4 million to get completed, said Giri. The society has now promised to provide additional Rs 100 thousand to each family.

Each home has two rooms and a toilet. The landslide occurred here on July 17, 2018 had inflicted damages on 25 houses, killing one.

Prior to this, 17 houses were rebuilt at Berneta with the support of Pokhara-based organisation named ‘Asal Chhimeki Nepal’.