•      Mon May 20 2024

Lawmaker Yadav stresses on promotion of ‘transformative and participatory’ democracy

NC lawmaker Nagina Yadav

Kathmandu, April 6: Lawmaker Nagina Yadav of the Nepali Congress has underscored on strengthening ‘transformative and participatory’ democracy in Nepal.

Lawmaker Yadav said although various forms of democracy as transformative, participatory and direct are in practice in the world, the most appropriate kind is the ‘transformative and participatory’ parliamentary system in the context of Nepal.

However, she expressed her dismay with the kind of the dominant parliamentary system in practice in the country, calling it a ‘dummy’ parliamentary system. She added that the same trend was in exercise in the preparation and endorsement of the government’s budget and policies and programmes.

According to her, the government has become ‘domineering’ in the formulation of various bills, which is not the best democratic practice. Lawmaker Yadav stressed on providing autonomy along with dignity to the elected people’s representatives. Doing so, she believes, will make the parliamentary system stronger, as making laws is the main responsibility of the parliamentarians.

Lawmaker Yadav is for cooperation and collaboration among the political parties for speeding up development and attaining prosperity for the country. “Mainly the big and older parties like the Nepali Congress and the CPN (UML) should take the lead in finding the way out of the plethora of problems the nation is facing at present,” she reiterated.

Calling on the major political parties to reach among the people and keep the people at the centre while formulating the laws and policies and programmes, she underscored on establishing the rule of law. “It is the major responsibility of the political parties that brought the present political change in the country to ensure good governance and rule of law. But the parties are engaged in partisan interests than fulfilling the national interest,” she observed.

The House of Representatives member, Yadav, underlined the need of drastic reforms in the education system, economy and the political leaders’ mindset for taking the nation forward on the path of happiness and prosperity. The proper and sustainable utilization of available natural and human resources is the key to national development, she added.

Pointing out the pressing need of poverty alleviation measures, especially targeting the people of the marginalized and poor communities in Tarai, she said this is best achieved through a ‘people-centred’ federalism.

She also stressed on the need of reform in the election system, reasoning that the present election system is costly and hence giving place for corruption. #nepal #rss