•      Sun Feb 25 2024

Legal proceedings available in software, Chief Justice inaugurates service

Kalika Khadka

Kathmandu: The legal proceedings- punishment and fine, recovery, property in confiscated in crime- of the courts are now available in software.

Information details on the cases in Supreme Court, High Court and District can be viewed in the software, according to Verdict Implementation Directorate. The IT Division at Supreme Court and the Directorate brought to implementation the new software.

Manager at the Division, Gaurinath Koirala, said, “With the adoption of this software, it will be helpful for adjudication. The culprit’s previous records can also be found here. Even the amount of recovery in fine can be viewed from the software.”

It is said the software is said to be very useful for those waiting for justice. The software has the integrated records. The person victimized can get information quickly and claim for compensation, Koirala added.

Chairperson of a Committee related to Information Technology, Judge Anil Sinha, shared, “It will be easy to quickly acquire the information to settle cases within stipulated time and to implement the verdict from software. Even the police persons are benefiting in forwarding the case.”

He further said that preparations were on to make arrangements to register case online as well as to pay court fee from there.

Acting Chief Justice Hari Krishna Karki launched the software. He expressed the belief that the software would help grow people’s trust on judiciary after people’s easy access to court information. The software is useful to see the court’s verdicts, and to search people who faced penalties.

He shared that the justice delivery would be fast, easy and transparent with the use of software. (RSS)