•      Thu Jun 20 2024

Lumbini Province Assembly endorses civil service bill

Lumbini Province Assembly (file photo)

Deukhuri, Sept 9: Marking Civil Service Day, the Provincial Civil Service Bill was passed by the Provincial Assembly in Lumbini. The 25th meeting of the Provincial Assembly held on Friday unanimously passed the bill to manage the formation, operation and terms and conditions of service of the Provincial Civil Service.

According to the Bill the post of Chief Secretary of the province government will be a gazetted special category civil servant of the federal civil service or thirteenth or equivalent level of the provincial civil service. The term of office of the Chief Secretary will be three years and of the Secretary will be five years.

The bill also provides that any employee appointed as head of an office has to resign from the trade union membership before assuming the post.

With the passage of the bill, the chief administrative officer of the local level will be assigned from the provincial level. So far, the central government has been sending chief administrative officers to the local level.

Likewise, Lumbini has increased the quota for inclusion from 45 to 49 percent. Accordingly, 51 percent civil servants will be selected from the open competition and 49 percent through inclusion. Furthermore, to ensure the participation of women the bill makes it mandatory to have at least 50 percent of women under the inclusion category.

The bill also mentions that women employees will be given one day of menstrual leave.