•      Mon May 20 2024

Lumbini’s Chief Minister Jokh Mahara secures vote of confidence

Jokh Bahadur Mahara

Butwal, April 12 : Chief Minister of Lumbini Province, Jokh Bahadur Mahara, has obtained vote of confidence. He secured 48 votes in his favour over the motion that he presented before the meeting of the Province Assembly on Friday.

He had tabled the proposal in accordance with Article 188 (1) of the Constitution. As announced by PA Speaker Tularam Gharti, 29 lawmakers from the CPN (UML), 10 from the CPN (Maoist Centre), three from the Janata Samajbadi Party (People’s Socialist Party), four from the Nagarik Unmukti Party (People’s Liberation Party), one from the CPN (Unified Socialist) and one independent one supported the appointment of Mahara as the Chief Minister.

In the 86-member PA, a total of 28 votes: 26 members from the Nepali Congress and two from the Janamat Party were cast against the motion. Prior to this, while presenting the proposal for the vote of confidence, the Chief Minister pledged to perform in a way that all could take ownership of the government affairs and urged all political parties in the PA to support his bid.

Mahara vowed preparation of an annual calendar for the operation of government works and deliver accordingly.

However, addressing the session, major opposition Nepali Congress leader and former Chief Minister Dilli Bahadur Chaudhary said the implementation of federalism had turned challenging task due to frequent change in ruling coalition in the federal government and politics.

As he hinted, the party will always support any endeavors aiming to enforce federalism and strengthen the province mechanism.

Mahara from the Maoist Centre was appointed Lumbini Province Chief Minister on April 5 with the support of the UML, Maoist Centre, Janata Samajbadi and the Unified Socialist parties.