•      Wed Jun 19 2024

Luminous rock confirmed to be quartz crystal, weighs over 52 kgs

Gorkha, Aug 10: A shining rock that was confiscated from Satipipal of Gorkha municipality-7 on June 29 has been confirmed as a sizeable quartz crystal.

A specialized squad from the Department of Mines and Geology confirmed this. The team arrived here to analyse the composition of the rock found it as the quartz crystal after a two-day rigorous assessment. The team has submitted a report to the District Administration Office, Gorkha, according to team member geologist Dr Sushmita Bhandari.

During the rigorous testing of the stone, it was found to be a precious stone, she said. Gemstones are categorized into 10 groups being based on the nature of their hardness and the quartz crystal belongs to the seventh number while diamond falls under the 10th category.

The team also carried out the measurement of the rock, by assessing it from various technical aspects. During the test, it was measured 52 kilos 330 grams. As Bhandari said, it is rare to find such a sizable single piece of quartz crystal in its natural state.

Quartz crystal is used in decorative items and ornaments and it is partially used in radio transmitter, computer, watches and other electronic devices.

The report was submitted to the Office on the presence of Gorkha municipality mayor Krishna Bahadur Rana, Chief District Officer Dinesh Sagar Bhusal, and Superintendent of Police Anupam Shrestha.

The precious rock was seized from a house of local Rammaya Shahi and the family were worshipping it keeping at their home for years. Various organizations here have demanded that rock be placed in local Gorakhkahli or Gorakhnath temple.