•      Sun Jun 23 2024

Mahabir Pun Innovation Centre begins producing agro tools in Birgunj

Birgunj, May 26: Mahabir Pun-led National Innovation Centre has starting manufacturing 10 types of agro tools.

In 20 months since taking over the Agro Inputs Factory in Birgunj, the Centre has started producing 10 types of small agricultural tools, said Arun Shah, assistant mechanical engineer at the Centre.

The government-owned factory remained closed for the past three decades. He said that a small machine for planting rice, a grass cutter, a machine for making mould, a tool for digging a hole, a potato planter and weeding machine, a machine for cutting grass and straw, a machine for harvesting rice, a machine for laying plastic and extracting banana fiber have been prepared.

Engineer Shah informed that 51 of the 55 tools and machines in the factory can be repaired and operated. Currently, 15 people are working in the centre. #innovation #nepal #agro